I genuinely feel like this was one of the most transformative and holistically beneficial courses of my entire diploma.

Clown is one of the most stigmatized words in our language and I was surprised every day by all the things I learned about it, and about humanity in general.

I am more myself because I took this course.

Marlo Hepburn, Actor

I think this class has helped me be, or at least want to be, a more authentic artist.


    Working with Jacqueline was fun, safe, meaningful, and advanced not only my feminist creative practise, but my belief in myself as a woman/performer to offer what I feel to be vital work. The opportunity to explore being Fool Bodied led by a guide whose approach is informed by social justice, feminism, and trauma informed embodiment is one I wish for every body.

    Honestly, our work together on Stigma, Pistil and Style inspired me to stay honest - in many areas of my life. Her approach to creation connected me to ways of being I cherish and has informed a creative practise that gives my life great meaning. Every time we worked together, she met me where I was at. She is an incredible facilitator, with the strength to hold space for pleasure, play, failing deeply, and the mess of self discovery.

    Erin Pettifor- Creator & Performer