Fool Bodied

FOOL BODIED: A seven-week course in pleasure and play

Clowning is a practice that lives in the wilderness of the body.

This course is an expedition into that wilderness, a trek through the imaginative worlds and landscapes of the body.

Designed to lead participants on a journey into the subconscious, this course will focus on accessing impulse, cultivating play, and failing with pleasure. Learn strategies for escorting ideas out of the ether and into the realm of the actual. Voyage into a space of deep listening to self and others. A seven-week course in the embodied pleasures and possibilities found in a transgressive and rebellious clown energy aimed at breaking all the rules.

I genuinely feel like this was one of the most transformative and holistically beneficial courses. Clown is one of the most stigmatized words in our language and I was surprised every day by all the things I learned about it, and about humanity in general. I am more myself because I took this course.

– Marlo Hepburn, Actor


Dates: Sunday afternoons from 3:00-6:00 PM

May 7 – June 25, 2023 (no class June 11)

Location: Inside Out Theatre Eau Claire Market 200 Barclay Parade SW

Max class size: 12

21 hours of course content

Investment: $425

Early Bird (before April 7): $375

*No previous experience with clown is required. The only prerequisite is curiosity.

To register please fill out the following form 

and send a deposit of $150 via e-transfer to

**Participants must agree to the covid safety policies of Wee Witches to attend the workshop.